REI Minimalist Footwear Clinic & POSE on TRAIL Clinic

Last night I joined POSE coaches Valerie Hunt and Dr. Mike Maggio at REI downtown for a small presentation on minimalist footwear, natural running and form.We had an excellent crowd of about 50 people show up, and everyone seemed very interested and happy to participate in the clinic.Mike and Valerie did an excellent job with their POSE method presentation, they showed some video and and taught a few different form exercises. I am very excited to go train with them, while my form might not be the worst, it needs a lot of work and it only makes sense to analyze and repair any flaws.

I recently began coaching Speed + Agility Classes for Tejas Trails. The format is exciting, challenging and brings a different aspect to training on trails.
A training program that focuses on getting you faster and more agile on trail. The intent is on speed and is appropriate for all levels of ability. For the novice, this will get you up to speed. For the veteran, this will get you tuned with workout drills on trail.
I have a fun and challenging format that is designed to improve your efficiency in moving along all types of trail conditions. Each class will have a specific topic such as Mud, Rocks, Flats, Downhill, Uphill, Scrambles, Balance, Speed etc..
Agility combined with speed allows you to run the roughest of trails with skill. Workouts will last 1 to 2 hours every Tuesday on the roughest trails in Austin
Training Start : Feb 16, 2010 (ongoing program)Training Day/Time : Tuesday 6:00 PM Training Cost : $45 a month Primary Coach : JosueStephens Registration : OnLine Entry
Since the REI clinic garnered so much interest in minimalist footwear and natural running, Valerie, Mike and I decided to combine forces to put on a POSE Running on TRAIL clinic.I have posted some of the information below, for signup or more information, feel free to visit the event at:

If you have not yet tried running on trail, I highly suggest it! It is fun, challenging and never gets boring.POSE on TRAIL Clinic:Join POSE Method Coaches Valerie Hunt, Dr. Mike Maggio and ultrarunning trail Coach Josue Stephens on an intensive four-hour running clinic focused on: proper running form, agility on road or trail, how to use barefooting to strengthen your feet.   ]What: POSE Running on Trail ClinicWhen: Saturday, April 10, 2010Where:TBA - Trails in AustinTime: 9 am - 1pm

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